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Who We Are

Myadnote is a vibrant ecosystem that brings together traffic marketers who sell, buy and optimize traffic. It’s here that you’ll find almost all the best traffic managers globally.

Our Mission

We strive to help stakeholders connect with the best traffic management talent around. Register for free and start acing traffic right now. Use friendly and intuitive interface to start talking with the right talent and grow your personal network. Learn more hacks in FAQ.

Is It For You?

Whenever you need help with traffic, Myadnote is your best choice.

Find solutions to all your needs and use cases:

  1. Buy traffic
  2. Sell traffic
  3. Find a job in traffic management
  4. Find an employee for traffic generation

You don’t know what you needs are? Register for free right now and talk to industry experts who’ll explain your options and paths. Should you have any new needs in the future, Myadnote is always here, ready to help.

How To Use

Take 4 easy steps to up your traffic game:

  1. Register for free
  2. Post your ad and tell peers what you need/offer
  3. Start talking with potential partners, either in our IM or Skype/Telegram
  4. Come back and post new ads to expand your search totally for free

We are your traffic pathfinder, we are Myadnote. Traffic up!