Millard Divinagracia
Millard Divinagracia

I would like to see if there's an opportunity for you to buy traffic and launch your online advertising campaigns on Bluagile d

Our DSP features include:

We are connected to more than 20 ad exchanges to meet your demand, namely, Pulsepoint, Nexage, Pubmatic, Mobfox, Smartyads, etc.

Each Exchange can connect tens of thousands of apps and sites. On a daily basis, there are 10 billion daily impressions available.

We also provide targeting features that help you target your audiences, like country & city, connection type, app/site, ad exchanges, device type, device maker & model, browser, bundle id, carrier, day parting, IP ranges, etc.

We support display ads for all sizes and JS tag/HTML is available as well. Pop, native, video and push traffic are also available.

If you need any advice on the ads delivery, we will always be here to help.

To sign-up for an account, go to

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