Neelam Birthare
Neelam Birthare

OnBoarding Media Partners : Sellers - Buyers CPM Traffic (Mainstream)

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Adbite is a US based  Programmatic Advertising Company specializing in delivering customized advertising solutions. Our main business is in Supply Side.Currently, we are focused on Branding Campaigns working on CPM model.


At Adbite, we excel in providing top-notch services in diverse ad formats, including –

Displays ads Native ads Video ads Audio ads CTV (Connected TV)

We rely on JS tags ,OpenRTB (ORTB), and Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) for ensuring seamless integration. At Adbite, we are proud and grateful about partnering  with more than 500 publishers, Top DSPs, SSPs, Direct Demand Partners and Agencies. We value our partners as they help us create a productive programmatic ecosystem ensuring Higher Fill Rates, Higher CPM, Quick Ad-serving and user-engaging advertisements in a brand safe environment.

If we meet your expectations, let's connect!

We can connect on Skype, my Skype ID is live:.cid.bcd98b9384f2442.

Looking forward to onboarding you as our valuable business partners.

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